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Mastering your mind to Unleash your life & Manifest your Dreams.

Hi, Welcome to my blog post. This Refreshing Beliefs from J. Richard Shultz opens the way for you to understand how part of the subconscious mind works and how you can improve the overall quality of your life by checking and reprogramming your beliefs.

You can download this whole eBook for free at

Read this if your mental health is part of your priorities.

Change your Life Through the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Thousands of people over the years have found that saying affirmations (beliefs) have been a powerful way to change their circumstances and create healing in their lives. The most well know author for this is Louise L. Hay who linked issues of the body with beliefs in the mind. By changing these beliefs through saying affirmations, people have been able to heal their lives. Our beliefs affect everything in our lives!

Refreshing Beliefs is book about beliefs. It is a amazing source of 1500 powerful affirmations in 20 different categories. It is meant as a resource to people that want to take responsibility for their lives by changing at the source - beliefs held in the subconscious. These affirmations cover and correct many of the common limiting beliefs that people have that hold them back from living the life they desire.

Don't waist your time saying the wrong affirmations!

The most common way to use affirmations is to say them over and over again thousands of times for weeks. This often works for people, but is a huge waist of time, especially if you are saying the wrong affirmation for your issue! Even more, not many people have the discipline to say the affirmations for so long. It isn't practical or efficient. If you are like many people, you give up before you get the results you desire. There are better ways to do affirmations!

This Refreshing Beliefs e-book will:

•Teach you how to determine which specific subconscious beliefs are limiting you.

•Teach you methods to determine which affirmations are the highest priority for you to change

•Teach you how to create your own empowering affirmations that are specific to your experience

•Teach you methods to change your beliefs quickly and efficiently ... usually in minutes

•Connect you to Video Instructions to:

◦Learn how to Muscle Test Your Beliefs

◦Learn how to Self Muscle Test Beliefs

◦Learn how to find priority beliefs using Muscle Testing & Intuition

◦Learn efficient methods to change your subconscious beliefs

For those that already know belief change processes, this will be a valuable list for working with yourself or facilitating others. Belief/Affirmation Categories in Refreshing Beliefs

Taking Action Fun, Play & Adventure Money Self Esteem

Addiction Release Grief, Loss, & Letting Go Personal Power Spirituality

Body Image & Weight Joy & Happiness Prosperity & Wealth Sports & Fitness

Change & Transformation Health & Healing Relationships Success & Achievement

Forgiveness Love & Acceptance Romantic Relationships Work & Career

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